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April 7 at 9:00 am

This is the inaugural Men’s Breakfast at Westview Christian Center! Pastor Allen is doing the cooking and sharing from God’s Word. Join us!


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Women’s Bible Study – will begin this Fall


7:00pm – Family Night


7:00pm – Men’s Group at WCC
7:00pm – Women’s Study at WCC

Welcome to Westview Christian Center! This is Easter Sunday – the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead on the third day! His empty tomb, He rose from the dead before the rock was rolled away, gives us the sure hope that everything He said was true. It also signifies that physical death is no longer a threat, but is the gateway to Eternity with Jesus, if you believe in Him as Lord and Savior.

Men’s Breakfast, Saturday, April 7th, 9:00 am. Men are invited to gather together for food, fellowship and fun. This inaugural breakfast will be a great way to move into spring and other activities to follow. Come and try out Pastor Allen’s cooking!

“Real Life” is the title of the sermon series starting on April 8th. We are going to tackle some of the challenges that we all face in this fast-paced life, yes even here in Cedar City. We will look at the challenges we face in a complex culture and discover the perspective and solutions from God’s Word. I am looking forward to this topical series.

“Romans” – Wednesday Bible Study is continuing to grow. If you have struggled to understand the book of Romans, please come and hear Pastor Allen Causey as he leads us through this great letter written by the Apostle Paul. It is a real encouragement to know that we are overcomers in Christ Jesus because of His love for us.

Parking Spaces – We will be posting signs at the two parking spaces immediately adjacent to the entry way. These spaces are reserved for those mobility challenged individuals that need special help to enter the building. If you have a handicapped sticker, but are not mobility challenged, please park a little further away and reserve the spots for those that need additional assistance. Thanks for your extra grace to our brothers and sisters that need the help.

Cleanup Day will be May 5th. Put it on your calendar to help us get ready for the summer season. We are currently making a work list of the tasks that need to be done inside and out.

Pastor Jerry

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